Andre Auram of Legendary Icons

A singer songwriter from Southeast Los Angeles, Andre Auram has made a name for himself with strikingly conscious, provocative records reminiscent of Nas, Tupac, and Mos Def of the early 90's. With notable records like "Sleepwalking", which explores the idea of the disconnect of ones life and purpose in America, and "No Tomorrow", a revolutionary anthem for the modern day babylonians, Auram's music has shown signs of promise and relevance in the fickle and gimmick based landscape of popular music.

His first official release "The 11th Hour" spread like wildfire amongst the underground with poignant songwriting and heavy production by Son of Faust. It is currently available via iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and all online distributors. In 2012, with a need and appreciation for truly conscious media, Auram founded The Awakening Media Group under which he produces Awakening TV, a dynamic web show that features interviews with Entertainment and Music industry veterans regarding their views on the great Awakening of new age consciousness and how it relates to the business of entertainment.

February 2015 marked the beginning of a new era for Auram with the release of the Feel Good "Just For The Love" featuring Elzhi (formerly of Slum Village) and Andre Depriest as well as production by Donel Smokes. The journey has only just begun it seems as the new Age swings open Andre Auram continues to create and open dimensions, inviting the adepts to come along.....

Exlcusive downloads of Andre Auram's music are available at, also be sure to follow Auram on twitter @AndreAuram, as well as like the Facebook page. Subscribe to Awakening TV at Awakening Media Group.